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the end of June next year to sell 100 million units Zune

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Microsoft's goal: the end of June next year to sell 100 million units Zune!
For those who claim
Zune doomed to failure remarks, Microsoft once again for its ambitions as a response - the company announced plans by the end of June 2007 (the fiscal year-end) to sell 100 million units Zune, while rival Apple's iPod in the publication After two years to reach this figure. Bryan Lee, vice president of Microsoft's entertainment division said he believes will defeat iPod become Zune MP3 player market 'leaders.' Zune's release because with the release of PS3 and Wii eclipsed crash, the market reacted coolly. Lackluster comments criticized the Zune Marketplace store, that this will squeeze MSN Music Store and Microsoft PlaysForSure infrastructure market space. iPod released in 2001, the beginning of the user's interest is not large, cheap runescape gold this product really became popular in 2003, the year the total sales volume reached 100 million. Zune sales despite mediocre time of publication, but Microsoft believes this product will reach 100 million sales milestone within seven months. However, the current market environment and significantly different in 2001, Apple opened the MP3 player market and for a lot of market opportunity to launch a new product category, every three months, now Apple can sell more than 8.5 million sets of iPod, according to It reported that the company's Q4 sales is expected to exceed 10 million units mark. Zune can sell even faster than the iPod first 1 million units, Microsoft still has a lot of work to do. It is predicted that Apple will sell the first million units iPod before the end of the year.