Drupal Business & Community Days in Heidelberg

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Drupal 8 was just released for productive systems, a reason to celebrate.

The Drupal Business & Community Days will take place in Heidelberg for the first time this year.

The international event is divided into two parallel events.

Drupal Business Days

The Business Days take place from Friday to Sunday morning in Heidelberg.

The Business Days are specifically designed for the Countries and are completely conducted in German.

Drupal Community Days

The community days also take place from Friday to

Mentors to support new and old Drupal enthusiasts wherever they can.

Environment and tickets

The Business & Community Days take place at the International Youth Hostel in The hostel has hosted several events, including the Debian Conference 2015, for example. Fast and stable Internet access is provided in cooperation with the University of Heidelberg.

All tickets include breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as coffee and drinks. and dinner, as well as coffee and drinks. There's nothing in the way of environments .

In addition, it can be combined with accommodation at Youth Hostel.

Until 14th February there is still a contingent of tickets available for individuals and companies.

Tickets can be purchased online here.

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