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For example, if a business is engaged in the production of motor oil, it is best to have an oil only spill kit readily available. Their distinction is based on the type of liquids or chemicals that they are capable of cleaning.Businesses especially those dealing with liquids and chemicals usually encounter mishaps such as spill accidents. This type of spill kit is used to clean aggressive fluids such as acids and solvents. The first type is the universal or general purpose spill kit. These spill accidents are quite dangerous especially to the employees who work within or near the premises where the spill occurred because of the danger to health and the accidents such as slipping that the chemicals or liquids that spilled might cause. This type of spill kit is used to clean water based liquids and hydrocarbons. Hence, spill kits are valuable to any business because it ensures the safety of the employees of a business and at the same time improves the goodwill of a business. This is also used for cleaning hydrocarbons as well as water based fluids.Since spill accidents involving chemicals that are hazardous or potentially hazardous might harm the health of the workers near the spill, the spill kit is immediately used to clean the chemical spill. Meanwhile, if a business has a laboratory where different chemicals are placed, it is best to have a hazmat spill kit readily available in case of a spill accident.As a result of the adverse effects caused by spill accidents, different kinds of spill kits are created and made widely available in the market. Spill accidents occur when liquids or chemicals are inadvertently poured into the ground or any surface where it is not supposed to be placed.The creation of spill kits is the response to the increasing danger or hazard posed by spill accidents to the health of the employees of a business.In addition to safety advantages, spill kits are valuable to any business because it improves the image of a business establishment thereby also improving its goodwill. Basically there are three kinds of spill kits. This type of spill kit is used for cleaning hydrocarbons only such as diesel, gasoline, hydraulic oil, jet fuel, and motor oil. Aside from this, the use of spill kits also prevents any accidents such as slipping that might occur due to the spill. Such accidents and health hazards foot valve suppliers caused by a spill accident is greatly detrimental to the goodwill and the productivity of a company in addition to a potential lawsuit.


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