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wedding dresses: the most stylish and affordable
Wedding dresses shopping season is upon us. With the Christmas holidays being the most popular time of the year to propose, so January becomes the best time of year to buy a dress. But how do you find 'the one', sartorially speaking? Here, 14 fashion editors and industry experts explain how they chose the most important dress of their lives...
It had a flattering sweetheart-Bardot hybrid neckline, and an inbuilt corset - good underpinnings like these are essential if you’re going for that minimal slip-like look, but are over a size 12. Looking back at the pictures, I still think it is my favourite thing I’ve ever worn.”...Fishtail wedding dresses - despite fitting closely to the body, before they flare out - can be among the more flattering of silhouettes. Column-like shapes to elongate the body, but with just enough volume in the skirt to add the requisite levels of big day 'drama,' it's easy to see why the style is so popular.