Troubleshoot epson printer not working? von markjohnson9654


IF you are unable to print or scan any documents from your Epson printer, it can be due to several reasons. 1. Printer communication problem. 2. Network issue. 3. Driver issue. 4. Printer hardware problem. So let me share the instructions about how to fix the Epson printer printing issue. You can go ahead and follow the instructions given below. 1. First of all, you should reboot the printer and computer once. Now try to print the document. 2. Check the network connection may be your printer or computer is not connected to the network. Also, if your computer is connected to the network but still unable to check the printer. You need to disconnect the computer from the wifi and reconnect it. 3. Check the driver settings. Maybe your Epson printer driver is not installed properly. that’s why you are going through such kind of problem. So you need to go ahead and uninstall the printer. Now download the latest driver and install it into your computer. After that try to print something. Let’s see if it is allowing you to print or not. 4. If you have tried all these instructions but your printer is not able to print yet. You need to factory restore your printer and reconfigure it. it will fix the problem. So these are the instructions for fixing the problems related to the Epson printer. In case, if you get an offline error message. You can visit: how to fix Epson printer says offline problem. Epson printer offline problem