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Login to Gmail. Learn how to access your Gmail account login in seconds.After finishing the process of creating a Gmail account, many users are frustrated by not knowing how to access their mail again. However, this procedure is much simpler than creating an account.How to log in to gmail step by step?Gmail login – To access your account, you must enter the following URL in your address bar: or This will redirect you to the Don’t worry, it is the domain which will direct you to your Gmail inbox. You will see an empty field called “Enter your email address“. As the name implies, you must complete the space with your email, which will have the structure ““. Then click on “Next“.Now is the time to complete the “Password” field, with the password you created earlier during the registration process.To finish you have to click “Next” and if the information match, you will login successfully. If not, check that you entered the wrong email or password. How to sign in to Gmail if I do not remember my password?You want to log in to gmail (Gmail login), but forgot the password. The first steps are identical to the previous one. When you enter the “Password” step, you will have to click “Forgot password?“. Gmail will take you through the steps to recover your password. It will give you a series of instructions like “Enter the last password you remember.“, With the possibility of clicking on “Try another way” in case you do not know the answer. In case you don’t know how to answer any questions, Gmail will ultimately request your phone number. In case you enter it correctly, it will send you a verification code, which you must enter in the “Enter verification code” field when you receive it. It is important that during the registration process, you used the real phone number information, otherwise this option will not help you. If you do not answer any questions correctly and can not enter the phone number you linked to your account, Gmail will consider you to be an unauthorized person trying to access the account. After trying several times incorrectly, the google will block the account for considering you a threat. For this reason, when you complete a registration form, it is important that you enter real your information. Likewise it is always recommended that you write down the password somewhere where it is safe, since in case of forgetting it you will be able to find it out easily.View More


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