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How to sign up for a new Gmail account Just like creating a Hotmail account, Gmail sign up and creating a Gmail account is as simple as a few steps below.Step 1: Visit HERE to register for Gmail. The next step in the Gmail signup section is important, you need to follow this tutorial. Sign up for Gmail to send and receive emails, access Google services, Facebook Step 2: Set up personal information for your Gmail account.Name: Include your first name and last name.Choose your username: Enter the name of the Gmail account you want to create. (Enter account name is not used, if the name is used Gmail will notify you immediately)Create a password: Create a password for your gmail account. Confirm your password: Confirm the password entered above (requires this password must match the password in the Create a password)Birthday: Enter the date of birth exactly, if your age is less than 16, Google could not create your accountIn order to have a Google Account, you must meet certain age requirements. To learn more about online child safety, visit the .Gender: Select your gender.Mobile phone: Enter your phone number. If you don’t enter the phone number or phone number you used too many times, you cann’t create gmail.Your current email address: Enter your current email address

(optional).Location: The country you are living in.Click Next Step to continue.
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