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Since 2005, our world can be explored without having to go to the door. Just in time for the Earth Day 2017, Google Earth has been refurbished for two years of development. The version 9 can now be viewed on the Android browser and on the Android smartphone.

In addition, so-called knowledge maps are now displayed over the featured cities, sights or landscapes that contain deeper information and images and come from Wikipedia.

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Source: Google Earth

Indirect search requests

Google Street View now understands indirect request in the search bar. For example, search for "Capital of Germany" and fly directly to Berlin. "Fußballstadion München" takes you to the Allianz Arena in Munich. Very convenient, as exact address data does not have to be entered.

3D view

The new 3D button allows viewing many sights from any angle. For example, the Brandenburg Gate or the Eiffel Tower in Paris can be orbited in 3D and admired. With pressed shift-key and the left mouse-button you fly impressively around the three-dimensional represented buildings and landscapes.


With the new Voyager feature, Google takes you on an interactive journey around the world. The various destinations are marked by pins on the map and provided with additional information, videos and pictures.

Noteworthy is the video journey "Natural Treasures" by BBC Earth, which impresses with some excerpts from the breathtaking film "Planet Earth II".

At the moment, there are about 50 such immersive stories to choose from, there are likely to be new ones every week.

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Source: Google Earth

Good luck

With the dice icon in the left bar and the associated "Good luck" feature, you can now randomly bring to any of the over 20,000 places Google has selected. For example, you can land by clicking on the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, in Central Park in New York City or in China at the Taipei 101. The newly discovered sights can then be shared in the Android app with friends.