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The Web Summit wants to take place for the third consecutive year at the Altice Arena in

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This year, too, there will be a huge jump in the number of visitors from 60,000 to more than "World's Largest Technology Conference" (Inc.) in seven

The conference is so exciting because it appeals to techies from every possible branch of the scene. Coding, Automobile, as well as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence / Robotics, Health and many other exciting topics.

Some startups are on the ALPHA, in order to make and make new contacts.

At the FullSTK developer conference, leading developers from major technology companies such as GitHub, Facebook, Amazon or Google wants to come together to discuss the future of the industry. Topics range from Big Data, Cloud Computing, DevOps, to Web Development.


Online marketers report on their success stories at PandaConf - How does marketing change in the future? CEOs, investors, brands agencies talk about this and other topics at this conference.

Night Summit, Surf Summit, Sunset Summit

In addition to the tech conferences, the Surf Summit, Sunset, Pub, and Night Summit are among the highlights of the Web Summit 2018, where new friendships and business contacts are established in a relaxed atmosphere. The organizers plan joint excursions in bars, in the most beautiful restaurants in Lisbon or for mountain biking and surfing.

Many more exciting topics and how to participate in the conference can be found on the official as well as on Twitter and Have fun!