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Bubble soccer is in most cases used in swimming pool

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Bubble soccer becomes more interesting when users fall, battle, roll against each other and then bounce without any risk of injury to the users. Since the sport is very fun for both adults and children, these bubble balls are designed according to the size of users. The suppliers ensure that they have large and small human bubble balls in the market. The diameter of a bubble soccer ball for adult children bubble soccer zorb ball vary from 1.2m to 1.7m. This bubble soccer is made of high tensile strength PVC material which is 0.8mm thick. The material is also tasteless, non-toxic, has excellent abrasion properties, uniquely flexible and is colorless. Bubble soccer is in most cases used in swimming pool, lake, and beach, river, shoaling water or Water Parks. Most users prefer to use them for water games.Bubble soccer is fun for everyone. We've participated in:school events,church events,corporate events,youth groups,birthday parties,bachelor parties,charity fundraisers,team building events.

Bubble football might just be one of the craziest and funniest games ever! This insane sport is basically a wild adventure in which people are hitting and smashing each other, protected by a huge a zorb (a bubble) Bubble football is a rather new sport that was started almost out of nothing in Norway, but it is so exciting, that it is already spreading across Europe and the USA. More and more people are discovering it and the game can be played both outdoors and indoors. One of the biggest advantages of bubble football is that there is almost no risk of injuries despite all the crazy bouncing. The bubble protects your whole body and just your legs are sticking out there (you've got to run somehow), so you can safely smash into other players and watch them fly around. If you are curious what it looks like, there are a number of videos online, but be careful - they are so hilarious that there's a real danger of peeing your pants. As you could assume, in bubble football, opposed to traditional one, technique is not really the main skill required. In fact, no one's really sure what could help you since everyone is just bouncing around, but the good thing is zorb soccer is not among the most competitive sports in the world. In fact, every player is a winner cause the experience is truly like no other. This almost insane nature of the game and the endless fun make bubble football perfect for any bonding event, such as team buildings, birthday parties, pretty much every place or time where there is a group of people who want to have fun! There are a number of variations of the game like classic 5-a-side matches, last man standing, capture the flag, and even zorb bowling and zorb sumo! The opportunities are endless and it seems bubble football is here to stay.